back in time

i'm back in action, folks.

there is much to catch up on. for one, i never properly documented the return journey from texas. then there's overseas adventures that you didn't know about. yes, plenty to post.

however! since i'm ridiculously behind on all my travels i figured what's the harm in going even further back in time and starting with a post from texas.

piet and i got excited one night and decided to cook over the open fire. since he'd been traveling all around the US with only a car and modest supplies, he often had to rely on his ability to start a fire (usually in a camp ground) to eat. as he said "if i couldn't build a fire, i couldn't eat". so i figured why not get some practice in while its not a life or death situation.

started out by sautéing onions, garlic, and sausage for the sauce base. basically the same deal as cooking over a stove except its much harder to control the temperature of the pan - there's a bunch of hot spots so rotating the pan and removing it from the fire were good tricks.

added canned tomato sauce and spices to the onions, garlic, etc (on the left). while that "simmered" i started boiling water for the pasta (on the right)

mission accomplished!