no pinocchio

so, to be honest, i've left texas.
to be exact, i left texas on february 19th. then spent a week in new orleans which is a whole other story. this is just a farewell to texas. specifically the wonderful, colorful people i met there.

two nights before we left, i cooked dinner for everyone. it was a real challenge cooking for six people on an electric stove-top in a 4' x 2' kitchen. but i pulled it off. we ate spagetti and meatballs. i had to improvise because of my limited ingredients so they were made with hamburger meat and potato chips  (in stead of bread crumps - i thought it was clever). i seasoned them well and, after pan frying, of course they're going to be good. debby supplied the salad, so, all in all, we had a decent dinner.

did i forget to mention the ambiance!? piet started a fire and i decorated the table with roses and brought out speakers bumpin' simon and garfunkel. oh, and contributed the last of my whiskey supply which everyone but cody and i shied away from.

from left to right - piet, debby, johnny, amy, and cody - what a cast of characters

i even got a great picture of saddie's rump :-P

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  1. Aww what a great picture of all of you! :) I like the improvisation of ingredients for dinner...I always do that too ;)

    Where are you now?


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