and on the 7th day...

as of today i've spent one week in cat spring, texas. and, yes, am just now getting a blog together.

its been nice having, basically, my own apartment - the rv has a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen (stove and oven), couch, and kitchen table. as well as running water. the only issue, which i actually just got resolved two days ago, was that my heat was busted. i spent one of the coldest nights of my life in a sleeping bad, under a quilt, under a wool blanket, wearing wool socks, sweat pants, and a sweater. to no avail, though, t'was still cold.

so my routine the past week has been wake up at 6:30 (note: i didn't even wake up that early in highschool) to go and feed three donkeys, a kangaroo, two alpaca, three goats, four (or five) emu, a handful of ducks, four (or five) deer, a pig, three cats, two dogs, and a bunch of chickens.
it takes me about an hour or so to do all that. the rest of the day, if its a weekday, i've been helping armondo or debbie with whatever they need done (ie: clean the barn, organize the office/gift shop, shovel poop). if its a friday or saturday, at 5 i go to the restaurant to help out. 

life is certainly different down here


  1. you're so brave!

  2. sweet blog buddy, enjoyed checking it out. your RV looks good :)

  3. can you talk to the animals..i guess i'll just call you Ms. Doolittle who is now dooin alot
    ...watch where you step
    so where does this story go next?


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