and on this farm...

these are most of the animals i feed each morning

momma donkey and baby cabella in the front and then a man donkey in
the back (who is not the dad of the baby). i need to put their feed in different
places cause the momma never shares with him - she kicks and hee-haws
and always claims the first pile i put down.

this is roger. he's a silly fellow. he always grabs my coat and tries to put his
head in my pockets

oh gosh, this is bert. as you can see, he's usually out of the pen when i pull up
and if i don't get the food on the cart in time he'll stick his head right in the
buckets. he's crazy
one of the four (or five) deer that i feed. this guy is the most calm
 though - he'll even eat out of my hand. all the others are super skittish. 
emus, some other goats, and a bunch of loud ducks and geese
spades and sledge - two of carol's adopted dogs. they're sweethearts

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  1. beautiful! Thank you for explaining that man donkey is NOT the father ;) I love the way you write!


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